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Welcome to the 1st ever Tahar Rahim Fansite! This is a fansite dedicated to the most amazing - Tahar. Rahim is a French actor of Algerian origin. Born in Belfort, France, his family is originally from the region of Oran, Algeria. He is most notably known for his starring role as Malik El Djebena in the 2009 award-winning French movie A Prophet by Jacques Audiard. Rahim has demonstrated multilingual skills and an ear for accents, having played in Corsican and Arabic in addition to French in A Prophet, and in Scots Gaelic for his role as the Seal Prince in Kevin Macdonald's The Eagle. He's a most amazing actor! This is a blog which provides exclusive content, such as photos, videos, interviews, news, and much more! Hope you like my fansite!

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I am just a fan, i am NOT Tahar.
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